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Vagner P

Vagner P Event Highlights

Meet DJ Vagner, not just a DJ but a whirlwind of musical energy originally from Brockton, Massachusetts, with roots in New York and a vibrant career now booming in Orlando and Los Angeles. 

Vagner's DJ journey, ignited at the tender age of 16, has seen him command the decks at clubs by 22 and evolve into the official tour DJ for major acts like Ty Dolla Sign and 50 Cent's effing vodka tour. 

Beyond the clubs, his role as the official DJ for the LAFC and stints with the LA Rams and Dodgers highlight his versatility and charisma in pumping up massive crowds.

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Vagner P

About Vagner P

DJ Vagner, a staple in the sports and music festival scenes, also boasts a long-standing association with Disney, where he honed his customer service skills while spinning tracks at Rick's Lounge, the first club on Disney property. 

His eclectic music taste spans EDM to classic rock and R&B, ensuring a rich auditory feast at any event. Vagner excels in weddings, leveraging his extensive music knowledge and club experience to create a perfect blend of professionalism and party atmosphere. 

Known for reading the room and not sticking to playlists, he crafts nights memorable for their spontaneity and personalized touch. Whether introducing newlyweds or firing up a corporate crowd, DJ Vagner believes in music as a spiritual experience that transcends ordinary events into legendary celebrations.

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