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Vinny M

Vinny M Event Highlights

DJ Vinny, originally from Denver and now electrifying Las Vegas, is an expert at turning every event into a legendary celebration. 

With his musical journey starting in childhood, Vinny infuses each performance with a soulful mix of funk, disco, and R&B. 

His mastery in open-format DJing keeps the dance floor alive, skillfully blending the best parts of songs from various genres. Whether remixing tracks on the fly or engaging the audience as an MC, DJ Vinny ensures an unforgettable experience.

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Vinny M

About DJ Vinny M

Vinny's entry into the DJ scene, guided by his father's own DJ company, has led him to become a versatile performer known for his vibrant sets across Las Vegas. Drawing inspiration from '70s and '80s funk and R&B legends, his performances are a nod to his deep-rooted love for music. 

Vinny shines at weddings, viewing each as the ultimate party opportunity, akin to a Super Bowl of celebrations. His knack for genre-spanning mixes and seamless transitions highlight his commitment to the perfect party atmosphere. Describing himself as unique, reliable, and detail-oriented, DJ Vinny is dedicated to making every event a memorable one.

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