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Zooz S

Zooz S Event Highlights

DJ Zooz, hailing from the vibrant city of New Delhi, India, brings a unique blend of talents to Los Angeles' entertainment scene. Not just a DJ, Zooz is also a singer and actor, showcasing his versatility across the arts. 

Specializing in Caribbean music, Reggae, Dance Hall, and Afro Beats, his passion for rhythm and beats started back in high school during club and hip-hop nights in 2003. 

Known for his positive vibes, easygoing nature, and focused approach, DJ Zooz creates an atmosphere of joy and celebration at every event. His love for wedding DJing stems from the opportunity to contribute to the happiness of couples and guests alike, making every wedding an unforgettable celebration of love and joy.

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Zooz S

About DJ Zooz S

DJ Zooz's musical journey began in the streets of New Delhi, India, where he was deeply influenced by the sounds of his homeland before moving to Los Angeles to chase his dreams in the entertainment industry. 

His favorite Reggae artist is Lee Scratch Perry, though he finds it hard to choose just one in a genre rich with talent. DJ Zooz's affection for Caribbean music was kindled during his early days DJing in high school, leading him to specialize in genres that get people moving. The highlight of his DJ career was the unforgettable "Cruise in Bombay," an event that showcased his ability to energize and engage diverse crowds. 

Beyond the turntables, DJ Zooz's commitment to spreading happiness through music is evident in his dedication to wedding DJing, where he plays an integral role in creating joyous memories for couples and their guests.

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