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Sustainable Wedding at Millwick, Los Angeles. Jaimie + Kurt

Our kind of couple and our kind of wedding!

Jaimie and Kurt’s wedding was one of the first weddings booked when Second Song launched in 2019, and it came in November as our first peak wedding season began to wind down. This wedding was the perfect bookmark to bring our first-year full circle and a celebration of everything we have done and all the things we are working towards at Second Song. The wedding turned out perfectly, and all we could think about was the warm glow we felt of our vision coming to life and how lucky we are to do a job we love so much!

So what made this wedding so special for Second Song?

Let's start with the basics

The Wedding Couple

When you think about your perfect couple, Jaimie and Kurt are it for Second Song. They are easy-going, fun, professional, and interested in their wedding representing their style and values and in finding vendors that do the same. They wanted to see themselves and their relationship in every aspect of their wedding but trusted their vendors to use their own vision to create it. We shared their passion for fun, food, design, nature, and tech, and that all come together to form a wedding that felt like the perfect embodiment of Second Song.

The Wedding Venue

Millwick and all the Marvimon venues are our total jam! All their venues are stylish, beautiful, and have so much character. At the same time, they allow for the small custom touches that give couples the opportunity to make them their own for their wedding day. Millwick is probably the venue we have DJ’d at more than any other and it never ever disappoints. This was another magical night in the DTLA Arts District.

The Wedding Details


Second Song was founded with a love of modern design and those subtle touches that can make such a difference. Jaimie and Kurt clearly shared this passion. Their love for graphic design could be seen on the menus, placement cards, welcome sign, but most notably on their modern custom monogram displayed with the perfect background on Millwick’s huge projection screen. The design accentuated Millwick’s outdoor/indoor style and their love of nature. It also served as the perfect backdrop to create the feel of a moonlit dance party.

Sustainable Wedding

Second Song is committed to being a carbon-neutral company by 2022, so Jaimie and Kurt’s fully sustainable wedding was a great symbol of what can be done. From the catering to the fully compostable dishes and silverware, they made sure there was no single-use plastic in sight.

Including Art + Nature in your Wedding

The unique feature that really gave this wedding a special and personal feel was the use of their engagement pictures on the large movie size screen at Millwick. Jaimie and Kurt had again brought their own vision to the shoot and had flown their photographer to Idaho for a hike with them in the mountains. The photographer followed them on this epic hike and captured candid shots of the two of them hiking with backgrounds of snow-capped mountains and hidden lakes. Blown up in full HD on the venue’s projector, these looked amazing!! As guests entered the dining area they were blown away by the pictures, and they rolled through as dinner progressed by providing the perfect backdrop to the wedding.

Of course, each one of Kurt and Jaimie’s vendors played a part in bringing their vision to life, and since then, many have become friends due to a common shared mission to spread the word on sustainability in our industry. This wedding showed us how it can be achieved without compromise.



Planning + Design: Opus Events Co.

Photography: Amy Van Vlear

Venue: Millwick

Dessert Display: Provenance Rentals

DJ & MC: Second Song

Composting: Compostable

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