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Wedding DJ Closing Songs

Encore Worthy: The Art of the Ultimate Wedding Finale

How to Perfectly Cap Off Your Big Day with Second Song DJs

The final note of your wedding day resonates just as profoundly as the opening chords. It's the crescendo of celebration, the climax of your love story's public debut, and you want it to echo in the hearts of your guests forever. As the last beats of the evening approach, the selection of the final song carries the weight of all the cherished moments that have unfolded. Fear not, for the seasoned maestros at Second Song have crafted the symphony of perfect endings.

The Grand Finale: A Chorus of Endings

Having spun tales of romance and joy in Los Angeles, our top Wedding DJs lend their expertise to orchestrate your final act. With a flourish of musical genius, they've compiled a list that's part ballad, part anthem, and wholly unforgettable.

Top 5 Anthems to Conclude Your Nuptial Celebrations

Honorable Odes - The euphoric electricity of Calvin Harris ft Rihanna's "We Found Love," the heart-pumping jubilation of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," the timeless sing-along of Oasis's "Wonderwall," and the exuberant release of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You’ve Been Gone" have all earned their bows as show-stopping finales.

But thats not all there are multiple other songs which have been mentioned and here is what the Dj's think of them:

  1. Journey - Don’t Stop Believing A surefire sing-along sensation, this classic has the power to unite everyone in a chorus that blurs the line between nostalgia and timeless joy.

  2. Semisonic - Closing Time Sometimes on the nose is the way to go. This hit doesn't just signal the end—it invites reflection on the night's shared memories.

  3. The Killers - Mr. Brightside For a finish that's equal parts energetic and anthemic, this modern classic guarantees a last burst of unrestrained revelry.

  4. Donna Summer - Last Dance As the queen of disco commands the floor, it's an undeniable invitation for one last strut, one last twirl under the lights.

  5. Daft Punk - One More Time Ending on a note of electric ecstasy, this track ensures the night's pulse thrums right until the very last second.

Crafting Your Encore: The Second Song Signature

Yet, beyond the playlist lies the art of personal touch. Our DJs hold the secret to the perfect finale; it's in a slow dance that wraps the room in romance, in the couple’s favorite melody that beckons a flood of memories, or in the vibrant rush of a dance anthem that leaves every soul wanting just one more song.

Finding the right ending is a dance itself, and at Second Song, we pride ourselves on reading the room’s rhythm. We're equipped with an arsenal of tracks, from the soulful to the spirited, ready to match the evening’s vibe. It all comes down to a feel—a sensitivity to the night’s journey and the energy that remains.

So, whether you envision a heart-swelling ballad or an electrifying beat drop to bid your guests farewell, trust in Second Song to deliver. Our DJs are the composers of your night's narrative, spinning a closing track that’s as unique and exhilarating as your love story.

Curtain Call: Your Last Dance Awaits

The question remains: how will you choose to end your night of nuptial bliss? With Second Song, the answer is in the unforgettable. Reach out to Second Song now, and let's plan the grand finale your wedding deserves.

End on a High


What sets Second Song's DJ services apart from others?

At Second Song, we take pride in offering more than just traditional DJing. Our services include CO2 cannons, floor lighting, photo booths, and DJ Fusion with live instrumentalists and vocalists, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for your event.

What if I want a particular song to be played at a specific moment during my event?

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